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For Carriers

Information for Carriers

VETRANS requires the following documents to be submitted in order to set up carrier partners:

•   A completed VETRANS Carrier Information Sheet and VETRANS Broker-Carrier Contract.
    Please call us to obtain one of these forms, which are included in our Carrier Set-Up Packet.

•   A copy of your Federal Operating Authority. This will be a certificate or permit for contract or common carrier
    authority showing your MC number and legal company name. If you have re-entitled, VETRANS needs both the
    original and re-entitlement authorities.

•   A copy of your current insurance certificate. This copy of your current insurance certificate must meet the following

•   Minimum $1,000,000 General Business Liability, $1,000,000 auto liability, and $100,000 cargo coverage.

•   Your name (must match the name on the Federal Operating Authority) and current address must be
    on the certificate.

•   Carriers will be required to add VETRANS LLC as a certificate holder on their auto liability and cargo
     insurance policies.

•   Proof of Workers Compensation coverage in accordance with your state’s requirements.

•   A completed W-9.

•   If transporting a shipment to or through California, CARB Certificate of Reported Compliance.

VETRANS provides Quick Pay and ACH payment options. Please ask for details if you are interested in either service.

Once we receive all of the above information, we will provide a VETRANS Load Commitment Sheet for the specific load that is being dispatched to you. We will also provide specific instructions for pick up/delivering the load and providing required paperwork to effect payment.

VETRANS pays carrier partners based upon the submission of properly completed delivery documents, which conform to the standards provided by VETRANS. Payment will be effected in accordance with contracted terms. Checks are mailed on Fridays for all of the loads delivered during the week ending two weeks prior. ACH payments are effected on the following Tuesday morning.

Carrier partners must immediately report all possible claims (shortage, damage, theft, etc.) to VETRANS. Our claims procedures must be followed to resolve your claim. Carrier partners are also liable to resolve claims in accordance their insurance company’s requirements.

Carrier partners are required to maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations including but not limited to FMCSA and state contract/common carrier authority (liability/cargo insurance, drug testing), drivers licensing, independent contractor status, equipment maintenance/safety, business/income tax reporting/payment, permitting, CARB, and business expense (workers compensation and physical damage insurance).

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